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3x flashlights

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100% Satisfaction:We make sure every customer is 100% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 fast support! If you're not satisfied with your product(s), we'll make it right! We promise.
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Tracie Gelter

I bought this for my boyfriend and I to take camping and hiking. The different settings are awesome and cover a huge range. We were even able to shine the light on a stoplight across our apartment complex! They're also super light. Love it. Would recommend and buy again.
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S. Aldrich

This tiny flashlight gives off a LOT of light!!! I love the feature allowing a spotlight to zero in on something. It lights up very clearly way off in the distance!!! It has a lot of flexibility in use. I've given as a gift and recipients were very impressed with the amount of light from this little guy!!!
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Ben D.

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Paul Fraz

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John B

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eric bernstein

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I take our dogs out before the sun comes up and the other day I stepped in fire ants. I decided I needed to start carrying a good flashlight! It feels substantial in my hand. It is very bright and so easy to zoom. The rope wristlet and the case are nice touches. I may get some more of these to give as gifts. Who doesn't love a good flashlight?
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kym sandberg

I have a low vision disorder, so need the brightness for many things, and they also provide me a sense of security when there are power outages and if I need to go outside after dark. I also gave some to my daughter for her and her family, and they are impressed, too. These are 5-star flashlights
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Stephen C.

I go on 2 - 3 mile walks around the neighborhood at night. When there is no moon and no clouds to reflect light from a nearby town, it is dark, really dark. I use this flashlight to help me find the path where I walk, and to illuminate my path when cars come by so they can see me well.I really enjoy this light because it is very bright
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william wood

I bought this flashlights for my mom after she lost the one she had. She told me she loved it and said that they were "THE BEST flashlights" she'd ever had. Very bright with an adjustable beam, as well as compact and light. 
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Kirk D.

I like the width adjustable feature for how wide you want the light to be. I liked everything about it! No complaints!
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Jordan S.

It's amazing. Extremely bright. It's easy to move from focused to a wide beam depending on your situation. It also has a flashing mode. Easy to hold, and easy to take along because they're relatively small. I will tell you that it exceeded my expectations. I love this flashlight and highly recommend it!!
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These flashlights are small, but they are super bright and aren't clunky which is what I love most about them. Easy to travel with if needed. I keep one in my car and two in the house, they're awesome!
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These lights were great while on safari, casting a wide bright light that was very helpful after dark going to our tent.